Commercial & Industrial Services

MWC Ltd is able to perform a range of cleaning services; window cleaning, gutter cleaning, fascia cleaning and soffit cleaning to all types of properties, ranging from small shops to large offices or apartment blocks.

  • Up to 6 stories for window cleaning.
  • 3 stories for gutter & fascia cleaning.
  • Interior windows.
  • Stairwell glass and other glass.
  • Glass/plastic roof cleaning.

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels need cleaning on an annual basis due to the dirt in the atmosphere. The atmospheric dirt will cling to your solar panels, adding a film of grime which dramatically reduces your solar panels performance.

The grime reduces your solar panels performance, preventing your panels from receiving the maximum amount of sunlight that the panels can take in. This will make your solar panels less efficient, and it is this inefficiency that will affect your panel’s performance and the amount of profit they return to you over the year.

Cleaning solar panels can be very cost effective as a dirty solar panel can lose 25% of its efficiency over a year. Cleaning these panels can cost as little as £30 at least once a year, depending on their size and location. This £30 yearly investment can see a return of up to £1500 from your energy supplier every year, proving how cost effective it can be to just keep your solar panels clean

Conservatory Cleaning

MWC Ltd offer a range of services including; cleaning and restoration of all UPVC windows and doors, gutters, fascia and soffit boards. UPVC and conservatories are a costly investment that can be an asset to any home. We take pride in helping our customers maintain their investments, cleaning and refreshing conservatories to keep them looking like new with regular cleaning.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Most letting agents nowadays will have it in the tenancy agreement that you must clean the windows prior to handing back the keys. Don’t run the risk of them holding back some of your deposit by having us clean your windows including frames and doors. No matter how dirty they are we can get them gleaming once again.